A Little About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog. I don’t think I’ll introduce myself on my first paragraph. But let’s start to get to know about me on next paragraph, shall we?

Hi There! I’m Novi, an introverted 21 years old girl (actually turning 22 this year, yeah!). I live in Indonesia, yes I’m 100% Indonesian (if that’s you’re gonna ask), I wish I’m British tho’. Just kidding, fellas! I’m proud to be Indonesian.

I’m addicted to green tea, books, movie, and Korean drama. That’s why I make this blog. Actually it’s my 2nd blog. I kind of forget my old site (don’t worry it’s just an empty site, I didn’t write anything except “About” page, lol) so I decided to make the new one. I love reading so much, well kind of obsessed I think.

I enjoy walking in a bookstore for hours. One of my friend even asked me why I dress up in nice dress if I’m going to a bookstore. And then I said that going to a bookstore is like having a date with my boyfriends to me (prince, cool guy, bad boy type, even a vampire or werewolf. If you know what I mean). Haha.

So that’s a little about me. I hope you guys enjoy reading my post.

Have a beautiful day!